5 Causes of Metallic taste in Mouth 

Metallic taste in the mouth is often caused by hormonal change, nasal infection and medications. Likewise, some medical conditions may also be the culprit.

Dysgeusa is a condition where you have an altered sense of taste. The altered sense of taste can really be annoying since you may feel metallic taste in mouth instead of tasting a delicious steak. You may have chronic metallic taste and it can really be bothersome but relax, the causes of that weird taste are not serious.

Hormonal Change

One of the most common reasons for dysgeusa is hormonal change that a woman may have during pregnancy. But you do not have to experience it in the whole nine months, often, it is experience during the first trimester. The metallic taste is dispelled when the hormones are gets stabilize during the second trimester.

But you can fight the metallic taste in the mouth by eating foods rich in acid. The sour flavor of citric juices, lemonade and any foods rich in vinegar may increase the production of saliva thus lessening the bad taste in the mouth. However, you have to make sure first that your tummy can accept acidic foods.

Aside from citric foods, you may also ask your healthcare provider about changing prenatal vitamins because some vitamins may also cause the metallic taste.

Impaired Sense of Smell

Altered taste is also caused by impaired sense of smell. Smell and flavors are interrelated. Nerve endings in your tongue can identify nasal irritation in the nasal region thus affecting your taste, too,

Nasal infection

Nasal infection can also cause metallic taste in the mouth. Nasal infections like colds, runny nose and sinusitis can alter your taste buds.


Medications like antibiotics, anti-thyroid and neurological medications are just some few type of medications that may lead metallic taste.

People who had undergone major surgical procedure wherein anesthesia was used, may also experience metallic taste.

Medical Conditions

Those people suffering from neck and head cancers are at high risk of having metallic taste. In addition, diabetic patients and those who have gastro esophageal reflux disease may also complain of metallic taste.